How does a WiFi companion work? Flash WiFi Companion Tutorial

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Flash is China's Zhejiang Telecom for college users to launch the dial-up Internet software, after the successful dial-up, users can be converted to wireless WiFi through the WiFi shared companion software, easy to use mobile devices, WiFi companion software users can freely set WiFi hotspot name and password, you can freely manage connected devices, This article will bring you a detailed approach to the use of a flash WiFi companion.

How to open a Wi-Fi companion

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Flash client

  2. Open WiFi Companion

In the successful interface, click on "Open WiFi companion" or click "Tools" to start WiFi companion, as shown below:

Two, WiFi companion function operation instruction

The WiFi companion PC-side interface is illustrated as follows:

  1, set user name and password

In the WiFi Companion main form, click on the name and password settings icon, name and password into editable state, according to individual requirements set the name and password (password must be greater than 8 characters), after setting, click the Save icon, the following figure:

  2. Open and close WiFi

After the name and password settings, if you want to open WiFi, click the "Open WiFi button" can be opened, on the mobile phone can use this WiFi hotspot name and password to connect the network, the following figure:

The Close button and the two-dimensional Code button are displayed, as shown in the following figure:

OFF: Close WiFi after clicking

Two-dimensional code: Click to display two-dimensional code, this two-dimensional code can be installed WiFi companion app, can also be used to scan the mobile end of WiFi companion network, as shown below:

Description: Scan and install WiFi Companion feature is not enabled temporarily

Click the two-dimensional code again to turn off the two-D code.

  3, prohibit the connection

Connected devices, you can disable the connection, and when you prohibit the connection, the device will show up among the people who have been kicked.

The way to prevent the connection operation is as follows:

A. Click on my partner to show connected devices

B. Move the mouse over the device you want to disable, and the right side of the device will display the "No Connection icon"

C. Click on this icon to prohibit the device from connecting

D. After the prohibition, the device will be displayed in the "people who have been kicked"

  4, untied

The device is automatically bound when the device is successfully connected, and if you need to unbind it, you must first disable the device connection and then unbind the person who has been kicked.

The following methods are used to solve the binding operation:

A. Click on the person who has been kicked to display a device that has been disabled

B. Move the mouse over the device to be unbound, and the right side of the device will display the "Untied Icon"

C. Click on this icon to bind the device to the connection

D. After the binding, the device will be wirelessly connected over a period of time

  5, hide, exit, about

Right-click the Status window, will display the menu, menu content: About, show the main interface, hidden to the tray, exit, the following icon:

About: Click to display version information, the following figure:

Show main interface: When the main screen is closed, it will be displayed when clicked

Hide: Hide all forms of WiFi companion and show WiFi companion icon on computer tray

Exit: Close WiFi partner hotspot and close WiFi companion

Important NOTE:

1, the province can use the area of WiFi partners, only to allow mobile phone number to the beginning of the flash account to share, the default connection terminal number of 1 (only allow a mobile device connected to share the Internet);

2, the province to adopt a binding strategy, that is, the background to bind the first share of mobile devices, such as the need to replace mobile equipment sharing, need to go to the campus direct shop to solve the binding treatment

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