How does a Microsoft tablet restore its factory settings?

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How does a Microsoft tablet restore its factory settings?

Surface How to perform system recovery?

Windows system has been running for a long time, because the installation and uninstall of various software programs are not thorough, more or less will encounter some incompatibilities or system problems, sometimes we forced reboot, most problems operating system can complete automatic repair. But sometimes we also have a tragedy that cannot be repaired, even if it is not possible to reboot.

According to the previous Windows system solutions, everyone would think of using a CD-ROM reinstall system, but as the optical drive equipment gradually eliminated, the recovery system has become a more headache problem. So what happens when a product like surface Pro 3 encounters a blue screen crash system that doesn't start? Is there a simpler way to restore it? How to operate the concrete operation? On the above several questions about surface system Recovery, this article we will take a hands-on detailed introduction to the recovery method, Even if you encounter a crash or blue screen and other abnormal software problems, we also easy to solve.

When Microsoft surface meets this crying face, it's not going to get into the system.

Note: Just in case, the system recovery of surface products may delete the documents and materials under the system disk, if there are important data, it is recommended to find data recovery company or professional help to solve.

There are two ways to recover surface products:

Method: Restore in Windows: If Windows is loaded and you can log on, you can perform recovery in Windows.

Method Two: Restore media recovery from USB: If Windows does not start and you have available USB recovery media, you can perform recovery by using USB.

Method One: Restore in Windows

Step 1: Swipe to the left from the right edge of the screen and tap Settings. (If you use the mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Settings.) )

Step 2: Click or click "Change computer Settings".

Computer Settings--Update and restore

Step 3: Click or click "Update and Restore", and then click or click "Restore".

Restore the computer without affecting your files

Step 4: Under "Restore your computer without affecting your files," click or click "Start".

Step 5: Click or click Next to make sure the Surface is plugged in, and then tap or click Restore. Surface will reboot and the Surface logo will be displayed (this may take several minutes) when the recovery process is complete.

Method Two: Restore the system from USB

Before we introduce the method, let's introduce how to download the recovery mirror.

Download the surface recovery mirror

If you try to use surface USB disk to restore the mirror mode, you can login to the Microsoft Official website restore image page download. Then we need to prepare a U disk. For surface Tablet PC and Surface 2 Tablet PC, U disk size should be at least 8GB. For Surface Pro Chinese Version/Professional version model, U disk should be at least 16GB, in order to insure our best is to prepare a U disk larger than 16GB, support USB3.0 Transmission of U disk for better.

Login to Microsoft account after downloading image files

Enter the surface product serial number for registration certification

After entering the mirror download page, prompted to log in to the Microsoft account, a total of four steps after the login, the first is to select the Microsoft Surface product model, and then download the image file, after downloading is to create a recovery drive, the last step is to use the recovery drive to restore or reset the surface system.

If the surface is recovering from a partition exception or accidentally deleted, you can also try to restore with a USB disk

Follow these steps to restore surface from a USB recovery drive:

Step 1: Make sure the Surface is turned off and powered on.

Step 2: Plug the USB recovery drive into the USB port on the surface.

Step 3: Press and hold down the volume reduction button while pressing and releasing the power button.

Hold down the volume reduction key and press the power button first

Step 4: When the Surface logo is displayed, release the volume reduction button.

Step 5: After you see the prompts, select the language and keyboard layout you want.

Step 6: Click or click "Troubleshoot", click or click "Restore Computer", and then tap or click the target operating system you want to restore.

Step 7: In the "Recover Computer" screen, click or click Next, and then click or click Restore. Surface will reboot and the Surface logo will be displayed (this may take several minutes) when the recovery process is complete.

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