How does a router set up to be safe?

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Rub the network card once rage, the legendary hacker ace appears to have no shadow to go without a trace, make a lot of routing user to own router security condition to have no bottom in mind. Routing security has always been a hot topic for users, then how to set up the router is safe? is not as long as the hackers stare at the home router is broken in minutes? The answer is no, in fact, by strengthening the router itself security settings, can withstand 99.9% of hackers attack without breaking.

The following Pepsi net small set to teach everyone how to strengthen the router security settings, will be on the road by the security to do, absolutely can guarantee that 99.9% hackers can not hack into the wireless router, for the vast majority of users, the basic can do 99.9% absolute security.

  First, basic security settings

Wireless router basic security settings mainly include the following aspects:

1, if the router default background settings login account and password or admin, please change the router default username and password immediately;

2, router wireless security settings, please choose the highest level of WPA2 encryption method;

3, wireless WiFi password please set as far as possible complex, the proposal is a combination of numbers, letters and symbols, the password length is best greater than 8 digits, such as: "" such a complex length password, the general Rub network card is very slow cracking;

4, do not send wireless router WiFi password to tell unfamiliar people;

5, mobile devices (smart phones, tablets) do not have the best not to make an appointment or the more root,root or jailbreak equipment as far as possible not to connect strange untrusted WiFi network;

Note: This article mainly prevents hackers from invading your mobile device, is installing some backdoor programs, and then mobile devices connect to the home WiFi network, it is easy for hackers to steal routing information.

  Second, wireless router Advanced security settings

  1, turn on the Mac white list function

In many of the router protection mechanism, the MAC address whitelist is definitely one of the advanced security features of the router, but dozens of yuan or hundreds of or even thousands of wireless routers, the vast majority of the production has a Mac whitelist function, this function The biggest bright spot is that, after opening, You can bind a router and a computer or a mobile device's MAC address to achieve one-to-one authorization access.

When this feature is turned on, only bound users can access the network, and other unbound users, even if they get the WiFi password, will not be able to access the network because there is no authorization to secure the router.

  2. AP Isolation

Open the Mac whitelist, new unfamiliar device how to get the WiFi password, you can wander in the intranet, although not access to the Internet, but this may also exist risks, such as hackers can listen to the network routing information. By turning on routing AP isolation, you can solve the problem of insufficient Mac binding.

Have it in, connected to the LAN devices are isolated, data is not interoperable. At this time the unfamiliar equipment skills can not be able to monitor your online data. However, it also has shortcomings, such as the LAN software can not be used basically. including QQ LAN speed transmission, flying Pigeon book, such as a large set of functions are to be abolished, is still uncertain LAN game against, file sharing (SMB) These functions can be used, but the possibility of a small visual.

AP isolation is a slightly more advanced feature, which is supported by traditional routing over hundred dollars, although some inexpensive routers may not have this capability.

  3, turn on the router to prevent DDoS and port control functions

At present, most of the router advanced settings, there are anti-DDoS, the default function is not open, but this module is very important, if the route is DDoS, the entire speed will drop very bad. Anti-DDoS, is to ensure that the route suffers when the user is not affected.

Similarly, ports are also a feature of the router's Advanced security settings, which typically open 80 (remote access), (SSH), and some random ports (vendor testing), but do not open ports as far as possible, in accordance with security guidelines. A long time ago, a large T-factory in the stable version of the firmware did not close the test port, the result became a security industry joke.

How is the router set to be secure? Combined with the above basic router security settings and advanced security settings, for ordinary users, can guarantee up to 99.9% routers security, for most of the security requirements are not very high for the family or individual users, will be the basic security to do a good job to ensure that the router security, If the enterprise or some of the data security requirements are higher, you can also do the advanced security, to ensure that the router 99.9% near absolute security.

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