How does a wireless router prevent a network from rubbing?

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I router model: Fibonacci 302M, to this router, for example, other models of routers can be set as a tutorial.

1, "Modify the router management address and management account, password"

PS: If you rub the net to connect your network, such as not modify the default management address, management account and password, rub the net can easily get your broadband account, password

Routers have an administrative address (the back of the router or on the manual), the general default address is: or, this address is used to configure the router, in the browser to enter the management address, and then enter the Admin account password (General management account, Password implied: admin), the following figure:

After logging in, follow the following figure to modify the administrative address, and then save

After saving, follow the image below to continue modifying the Router admin account, password, and then save

2. "Hide SSID" increases the difficulty of getting your SSID off the net

Set the Hide SSID as shown in the following figure, and save

3, "Change the password to a more complex password" to reduce the probability of the password is cracked

Set the following figure:

4, "Binding Mac" is not in your binding MAC address of the computer, mobile devices will not be able to connect to the Internet (unless you rub the screen to know your device's MAC address, and then the device Mac modified to your device Mac)

Set the following figure:

How to view the local MAC address: Click on the computer desktop in the lower right corner of the "Start" icon, in the search box input cmd, jump out of the command prompt box, input ipconfig/all can be traced to the local MAC address, mobile device MAC address to mobile devices to view, see the figure below

5. "Turn off WPS" to prevent users from using PIN code to connect your network

Close method See figure below

Warm tips:

1, set the above function, the router may automatically restart, do not worry;

2, after the completion of the setup, please remember your own SSID, wireless password;

First write a simple, followed by a free update, if you can set up their own router in accordance with the above settings, the probability of cracking will be reduced by more than 80%. The so-called not the sharpest spear, nor the strongest shield, this is a lasting "attack and defense war."

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