How does a Word document divide a piece of A4 paper evenly into 8 pieces?

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Here is how the Word document how to divide a piece of A4 paper evenly divided into 8 methods, take a look at it!


1. Open the Word document, create a new blank page, click the small arrow on the right bottom of the Page Layout menu box, open the Page Setup dialog box, and in the margins, set the margins to zero, OK. The following figure:

2, after the set of A4 paper as shown below:

3, in the menu bar, point "Insert", in the menu midpoint "form", click "Insert Table". See figure below:

4, in the "Insert Table" dialog box that appears, set the "Number of columns" to 2, "line number" is 4, click OK. See figure below:

5, in the lower right corner of the insert table has a small cursor, you can stretch the table, we click on the table after the mouse to stretch processing.

6, through stretching and fine-tuning, will appear in the following Figure table shape, then can be seen, A4 paper was divided into 8.

The above is the Word document how to divide a piece of A4 paper on average 8 method introduction, the operation is very simple, everybody learned? Hope to be helpful to everybody!

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