How does Alipay pay for landline and broadband?

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Enough to be able to pay for the broadband, for the telephone payment, yes this is Alipay, today small make up to everyone how to use Alipay for fixed-line broadband payment.

1, first open their own browser, in the search column input Alipay. Click Search to find Alipay.

2, then click into the login interface, when the actual login box password can not be entered, on behalf of us to download security controls, click Download to install.

3, the installation is successful, we restart the browser, this time the password bar can enter the number. Then enter the account password to log in.

4, after the successful login we click on the bottom of the life application, click on the following more options.

5, after clicking More, the following will show a lot of applications we click on the back of the plus, add applications.

6, then we will see a lot of unused applications, we find fixed-line broadband, to add, and then choose to complete.

7, and then back to the main interface of life applications inside. You can see that fixed-line broadband applications have been added. Then double-click the icon.

8, to enter the broadband and fixed payment interface after filling in our requirements and information, you can make payment.

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