How does ArcSDE use Oracle Spatial? How to use Oracle Spatial in ArcSDE

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    • Making Oracle Spatial your default geometry Schema

How does ArcSDE use Oracle Spatial? (How to use Oracle Spatial in ArcSDE)

ArcSDE supports Oracle Spatial or Oracle locator for storing and managing
Geometry in an Oracle database. to use it, you must have sdo_geometry specified
For the geometry_storage parameter of one of your configuration keywords. (To use it, you must specify sdo_geometry as a keyword in the geometry_storage parameter) If you
Want to use Oracle spatial geometry storage most of the time, specify
Sdo_geometry for the geometry_storage parameter in your defaults Configuration
Keyword. If you want to use it for only some datasets, utilize the sdo_geometry
Keyword when creating each individual dataset.

Making Oracle Spatial your default geometry schemawhen you first install the 9.3 ArcSDE component, st_geometry
Is the default geometry storage type. The default settings for ArcSDE Storage
Are defined in the dbtune table by the geometry_storage parameters. (When you first install ArcSDE component, st_geometry is the default ry storage type. The default settings of ArcSDE storage are defined by the geometry_storage parameter in dbtune)
Changing the default ArcSDE geometry storage to use Oracle Spatial is
Easy. For the defaults keyword, change the geometry_storage parameter from
St_geometry to sdo_geometry. (It is easy to use Oracle Spatial to change the default ArcSDE geometric storage. You only need to set the default keyword to change the geometry_storage parameter from st_geometry to sdo_geometry) After the default geometry_storage setting has been
Changed to sdo_geometry, ArcSDE creates feature classes with sdo_geometry
Columns by default. (After changing the default geometry_storage to sdo_geometry, the feature class created by ArcSDE is stored using the sdo_geometry field)

Note: Use the sdedbtune administration command to alter dbtune
Settings. For details on using the sdedbtune command, consult the ArcSDE
Administration command reference installed with ArcSDE.

ArcSDE for Oracle supports a number of different geometry Storage
Schemas-these different schemas can all be used together in the same database.
While there can only be one default geometry schema, individual tables can be
Created using different geometry schemas.
If you want to store just some of your feature classes with the spatial
Type for Oracle storage, you can specify the keyword sdo_geometry when you
Create the feature class. If you do this, that particle feature class will be
Created with an sdo_geometry column. In the dbtune file, the sdo_geometry
Keyword appears as follows:

# Define "sdo_geometry" attribute_binary "blob" raster_storage "sdo_georaster" comment 1000ui_text "User Interface text description for sdo_geometry" comment "General any comment for sdo_geometry keyword" End

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