How does Copex 7298A get recovery? 7298A go to recovery tutorial

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I. Preparations:

1: This mobile phone must have the root permission to perform the following operations (recommended topic: how to obtain the root permission for Android phones)

2: Now we have the data cable ready and connect the mobile phone to the computer.

3: install master Zhuo on your computer and then install the driver on your mobile phone.

4: Now we need to obtain the recovery tool,

II. Cool 7298A starts recovery operations:

1: now we can turn on the usb debugging method of the mobile phone (recommended to read: Android mobile phone usb debugging mode)

2: decompress the downloaded recovery toolkit on your computer, find the file "Coolpad_7298A_Recovery" in the decompressed recovery Toolkit, double-click it, and enter 1, press the Enter key to start flushing.


3: As shown in the following figure, if our mobile phone driver is okay.

4: a prompt will be displayed after the image is flushed in.

Method for manually entering recovery:

The phone is shut down first, and then the phone is shut down. At the same time, press the power key of the phone and the volume increase key and the volume decrease key. Press the three keys at the same time until the boot screen is released.

After shutting down the phone, we can press the "power key + volume increase key + volume decrease key" button of the phone to quickly enter the recovery mode, it seems that method 1 is a redundant operation. It is convenient to manually enter it.

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