How does Edge browser set the background to stop playing video?

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Sometimes we do not have video, the Web page video or playback, the first to occupy the network is very powerful, how to do? Sometimes I really want the edge to stop playing flash, not just pause playback. There is a difference between suspending the edge and pausing the video, which allows the CPU to be used temporarily to zero, which makes system resources more efficient. Hang application There are many other practical, here is not to say, or first to share the use of experience.

1, open the settings, find the "privacy" item. As shown in the figure.

2. In the Open Privacy settings option Bar, drag the scroll bar to find the final "background application", as shown in the figure.

3, open the "Background application" settings. Locate "Microsoft Edge" in the right column and set the switch to OFF. As shown in the figure.

4, back to Edge browser, play a video, and then minimize the try, listen to see, is not automatically stopped playing, and task management program in the edge of the CPU usage has become 0%?

5, this time setting, if know in what position, the setting is not difficult, but the key is the first you need to know these settings position, in the final analysis, this still have to "thanks to" the Microsoft "God translates". And the option is very good. I looked for it myself for a long time.

Notice: Hang up the edge of course is equal to let edge temporarily stop working, that is to say some of the real-time nature of the Web page is certainly ... Hang up the edge, playing music is certainly the same reason-the background to stop playing, if you want to revert to the original state, set to open.

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