How does Excel combine and disaggregate cells?

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How does Excel combine and disaggregate cells? Merging cells in a table is very common and practical, and there are many ways to combine multiple cells into one cell in Excel, and today's small series is about how Excel can merge and parse cells for data.

Cell Data Merge

First we want to open the workbook where we want to merge the data, and today I'm going to combine the data in two columns to show you that the formula is the same.

Mouse click C1 cell, in which the formula "=a1&" "&b1", that is, A1 cell and B1 cell to merge, the two also have a space bar, because the formula double quotes in the middle of the space key.

C1 cell Input formula finished, we can press "enter", so that the automatic jump to the C2 cell, and C1 cells in the formula has become A1 and B1 cell data.

Then we use the "AutoFill" cell method, put the mouse in the lower right corner of the cell C1, the mouse into a "+" word, and then pull down, the other cells are followed by the same formula to merge.

Cell Data breakdown

There is also a situation where we enter the data for the cell to be a fit, and we have to divide it into separate columns. Select all the cells you want to list, and then find the data in the toolbar--"Columns," and click "Columns."

Then you will jump out of a text column-oriented dialog box, first we select the "separator", and then click "Next", this is the first step of the guide.

To the direction of the second step, we can choose the "separator symbol", such as I chose "space", as long as the "space" in front of the √ can be looked at the data preview, and then point "next".

The final step is to select "column data Type", I select the "General" type, and then click "OK" to complete. Look at the effect of the data preview should be we want to the effect of the disaggregation, OK.

At this point, our Excel table data based on the completion of the perfect breakdown, this time you want to make other formulas for pure digital data is easier and easier to edit.

Note:& symbol can hold down the SHIF key t+ number key 6, not the keypad on the number keys OH

When this method of merging and disaggregation was not previously known, it was manually modified, not only time-consuming but also cost effective and extremely inefficient. So, today we share this skill with you, hoping to help more people.

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