How does Excel make a two-color column chart?

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How does Excel make a two-color column chart? In daily work, we often use the column chart + polyline graph to show the trend relationship between data and metrics, today I'm going to introduce you to a Two-color column chart (that is, a column chart that exceeds the metric is represented by a color, and a column of substandard columns is represented in another color), Data and indicators of the relationship between the show more intuitive and clear, the following for you to introduce a look at it!

Method 1

The original data is shown in the following figure, the original data is divided into 3 columns, the 1th column is the date, the 2nd is the evaluation index, and the 3rd column is the daily completion rate;

First, the original form of data processing

Enter a formula in the D2 cell =if (B2-C2>0,0%,C2)

Enter a formula in the E2 cell =if (b2-c2>0,c2,0%)

Then pull down the fill, separating the completion rate into the "compliance" and "nonconformance" columns by using the column D and E cell formulas

Second, the production of column chart

1. Hold down CTRL and select the A1:A13,D1:D13,E1:E13 three discontinuous areas of the left mouse button, respectively.

2. Click on the "Insert" tab, select "Column Chart", select "Two-dimensional Column Chart", the newly generated chart effect as shown in the following figure

Three, column chart horizontal axis adjustment

Because my date column data is incoherent, resulting in a newly generated column chart with 5-6 and 5-7 blank columns (as shown above), the adjustment method is as follows (this step can be ignored if the date is continuous)

Double-click the left mouse button on the horizontal axis, eject the Format Axis dialog box, and select the text axis option to complete the horizontal axis adjustment of the chart.

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