How does Excel qualify column cells for input?

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How does Excel qualify column cells for input?

How to qualify Number column cells to enter a limited number of text digits, such as the identity card number column fixed 18 digits?

How do I qualify a gender column cell to enter only "male or female"?

Tools/raw Materials

Excel (Small edition uses MS Office 2013)

First, how to qualify Number column cell input text digits

Example Operation Purpose: column A as a number (encoding), which requires that only 5 digits be typed in column A.

First, insert the cursor above column A to select column A, switch to the Data tab in the Excel menu bar, and locate the Data Tools menu group.

In the data tool, find the data validation (other version or "Data Validation"), and click "Data Validation" to enter its Settings dialog box.

The purpose is to qualify the number of text entered in column A, so select "text Length" in the validation condition "allow" on the Settings tab.

Text length under "Data" select "Between", "maximum" and "minimum value" are filled in 5.

After you determine, try entering "123456" in column A to not succeed and to eject the error warning.

Then the test input "1234" will still not succeed, pop-up error warning. An attempt to enter 12345 will successfully prove that the setting takes effect.

Set Error warning

In fact, the content of the error warning can be set itself, such as the figure, or in the "Data validation", cut to the "Error warning" tab, and then fill out the warning title and content on their own. such as small series fill in "Title: Error Content: Please enter 5-digit number."

Try typing "1234" again, look, the error warning will appear with the content you set up.

Enter before information prompt

Also, when you click a cell before entering the information, you can have it display the input reminder. This action is still under data validation on the Input Info tab. Small series of reminders set to "title: Note the content: Please enter the number 5 for Arabic numerals."

When the settings are successful, you will see the input reminders that have been set up before you click the cell to enter the operation.

Ii. How to qualify Gender column cells can only be entered into male and female

Operation Purpose: Column B as sex, qualify the column cells can only enter men or women.

or in "Data validation", verify the condition here Select "Sequence". In the source fill in "Male, female" (Note comma "," for the English state input).

When the setting is successful, clicking on column B cell will pop up two of the male or female option.

Other sequences, such as departments, months, provinces and so on can also be done, do not repeat.

Above is how Excel limits the column cell input content method Introduction, hoped can be helpful to everybody!

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