How does Excel set up the two-level linkage pull-down menu?

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How does Excel set up the two-level linkage pull-down menu? There are several ways to make a drop-down menu in Excel, I mainly introduce the next use data validation settings Drop-down menu and how to set the two-level linkage drop-down menu. Both of these methods will be illustrated by examples.

Setting up a Pull-down menu with data validation

Example: As shown in the following illustration, you are required to set a Drop-down menu that can be selected in the Salesperson column.

Step 1: Select a salesperson column that needs to set the drop down menu in the range of cells (this step is not less), open the Data Validation window (excel2003 version of the Data menu-effectivity, excel2007 and 2010 Version Data tab-data validation-data validation), in the window "settings" Option Kari "sequence".

Step 2: In the source input box we need to set the Drop-down menu to display the content, there are two ways to set up.

1, direct Input method. In the Source box, enter the string that is connected with "," (English comma): Zhang Yi, Wuhanqing, Liu, will win the text, Li Damin

2, the contents of the reference cell method. If the salesperson is in the cell B4:b8 area, select the area after the "source" type or the last fold button in the Point box. As shown in the following figure.

Once we have set up, we can see the drop down menu in the Salesperson list.

二、二级 Linkage pull-down Menu Settings

Example: As shown in the following picture, in the mobile phone column input or select Apple, Model dropdown will show all the models of all Apple phones, if the cell phone input apple, the Model column Drop-down menu shows all the Apple model. As shown in figure:

Operation Steps:

Step 1: Set the data source area. is to put the phone name and model as the following image format standby, storage location at random.

Step 2: Batch definition name. After selecting the phone name and model area, open the specified name window (excel2003 version, Insert menu-name-Specify, 07 and 10 Formulas tab-defined name groups-created from the selection), select the First row check box on the window. As shown in the following figure.

Step 3: Set data validation. Select the Model column, open the Data Validation window, and enter =indirect (D5) in the source

After the following settings, level two linkage menu settings completed.

Note the name of the different versions, depending on the version you are working on.

Above is how Excel set up two-level linkage drop-down Menu method Introduction, the operation is not very difficult, have the need of friends quickly to learn!

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