How does fedora set a key to display the desktop?

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People who have used Windows should know that Windows taskbar generally has a display desktop button, and the desktop can be displayed immediately by pressing. In this way, you can easily view the wallpaper when you set it up. Fedora does not have such a button by default, but it can be made by setting, and it is set to be easier to use later than Windows because it allows you to use a hotkey.

1, click on the top right corner of the desktop.

2, click the "System Settings" icon.

3, find the "Keyboard" button and open.

4, click "Shortcut key".

5, click "Navigation". Locate "Hide all normal windows" on the right.

6, you will see the "disabled" two words, click on it, and then press your favorite shortcut keys. It is generally customary to "Super + D" because D represents desktop. Set up, you can press it to try. Isn't it convenient? Like Windows, the first time you press, hide all the windows and display the desktop, and the second press to revert to the previous state.

7. Further

Similarly, you can set hotkeys for a wide variety of common operations. This will greatly improve your work/study efficiency. Setup methods are very similar. In the custom shortcuts, you can also write a Terminal command as a shortcut key. For example, the "MPlayer Test.mp3" command is set to a hotkey, and then you can play the song with a hotkey.

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