How does Samsung S5 connect U-disk via OTG functionality? Galaxy S5OTG Function Connect U disk method

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 supports the OTG feature, which enables you to use the OTG connector to operate a mobile phone with a USB disk, mouse, keyboard connection, and so on, to introduce you to the specific operating methods of the USB U disk:

1. One u disk.

2. OTG connected line one.

3. S5 mobile phone.

Step 2. Connect your phone with a U disk

Mobile phone and U disk connection method as shown in the following figure:

Step 3. View U Disk File

1. Connect u disk, the mobile interface will automatically jump to "my files" under the "USB Storage A" folder, U disk files will be all displayed.

2. If you want to view a file, you can open it by clicking it directly. (Take the Photos folder here for example)

Step 4. Disconnect USB Disk

1. Slide the screen top of your phone with your finger and click "USB Mass Storage is connected".


2. When the phone screen shows "USB bulk storage has been safely removed," Unplug the U disk.


Step 5. Unable to read U disk contents

If your phone does not read the USB disk, you can:

1. Format u disk. (The following needs to be done on your computer)
1) Right mouse click on the U disk letter Select "format."

2) in the file system, select FAT (Default) or FAT32.

3 after selecting, click "Start" below. (For example, "FAT (Default)")



       1) before you format a U disk, be sure to back up the useful data first.  
       2) When formatting, the quick format of the hook will be canceled to prevent U disk data can not be completely removed.

2. Because the mobile phone to the U disk capacity has the largest support limit, recommended to replace a U disk attempt.
3. If the current is too large, such as tips, we recommend replacing a low power consumption u disk.

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