How does intellij idea change the font and size of the editor text?

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After intellij idea is changed, the first thing is to change the text font, because on my 27-inch 2 k screen, the text is obviously too small.

The intellij idea font value is divided into two parts: the UI font size and the editing area font size.

The changes in the previous part are relatively simple. In File> setting...> apperance, you can change the font settings of the UI part.

The changes in the later part are tangled, And the location is in File> setting> editor> colors & fonts. At this time, you will find that the show only monospaced fonts check box is selected and its status cannot be changed. This option also causes the font and font size to be changed.

Later, we found that this button can only be used after a new topic is created. First, you need to click Save As to create a new topic, and then you can be pleasantly surprised to find a button with a higher check box, and then you can change the font and font size.

When I first discovered this design idea, I scolded sb. But I thought about it later. This idea is still correct, but it was optimized in detail. Imagine that if you can set the default theme at will, once you think that the settings are not very coordinated, You need to modify them step by step, which is even more difficult for users, if the default topic cannot be modified, the user may have the opportunity to return to the interface he or she is familiar with when changing the topic. To optimize the UI, at least remind the user to create a new topic when trying to modify the font and font size.

How does intellij idea change the font and size of the editor text?

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