How does it construction face "short board" and "Gu Feng "?

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When discussing information construction with many enterprises, many IT managers have raised a question, and the resources of enterprise information construction are limited, is information-based resources first reinforcing Enterprises' "Gu Feng" or first supporting "short board "? Although the enterprise industry is a whole, development in different fields, such as R & D, production, marketing, sales, quality, and management, is unbalanced. Some of these fields are the relative advantages of enterprises, it has even become the core competitiveness. Some domain leaders are relatively weak and are called short boards. When enterprises plan it construction, there is often a debate. advantageous departments will emphasize that competitors are catching up. Enterprises must invest resources to strengthen development and support IT resources; the weak departments will also emphasize the shortage of Enterprise Resources and there is a big gap between them and the benchmarking companies. They should "make up courses ". This issue is not only about it construction, but also about the competition for resources within the enterprise and the development strategy of the enterprise. However, because many enterprises have not yet reached a consensus, when it investment is required to invest a large amount of resources, the problem is turned over and becomes a threshold for IT construction. The resource investment and priority of IT construction are based on the importance and urgency of the business field, we are also faced with "Gu Feng" and "short board" which are important and urgent. This is also the embodiment of business-oriented IT construction and business operation, which cannot be bypassed. However, whether or not the past can be crossed requires the IT owner to think about it. Although the enterprise industry is a whole, the success of the enterprise is not completely in line with the "Barrel Principle", most enterprises do not have to complete all the business areas, in fact, it is completely unnecessary. The core of an enterprise's success is poor alienation. Only strategic types include market orientation, product orientation, and technology leader. Therefore, it is impossible to complete all the short boards. However, ignoring the short board is too challenging. Resource investment, including IT resource investment, is essentially a service for business development, starting from the success of the business and result-oriented. Think about the following questions: the core competence required by the industry and enterprise vision is the core competence that the enterprise already has. The enterprise needs to develop and improve its core competencies. In the current field, which of the following are constraints on how the enterprise can improve its core competence, how can we break through and restrict the support provided by it?

This is the IT construction methodology, starting from a strategic perspective, analyzing businesses, evaluating the status quo, proposing it plans, decomposing them into action plans, and implementing IT construction and related management improvements. (Post)
It O & M management opens the smart door for IT departments to process management...
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How does it construction face "short board" and "Gu Feng "?

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