How does MacOS use the Package Manager homebrew-cask to install software?

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The Apple system combines the Windows graphical interface with the Linux command line, and now the developers are exclusively with the Mac.

Linux system installation, update software is very convenient, except I feel that some people with the CentOS system also like the old trilogy : Download, compile, install. Most people are more accustomed to installing software based on package management systems, and of course updating and removing software is also done with a package management system.

Mac System Package management is not like Linux is brought by the operating system, MAC official default does not provide such a package management system. (Windows Also, you think every time the installation of Windows program is more troublesome, but also easy to download to a virus-infected program; several download sites in the country mainly provide Windows EXE image, wipe, burst age)

As a long-term Linux system people should be more accustomed to using package management to install, update software packages, Mac is the most popular should be Homebrew.


The following line of commands installs the homebrew:

$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
Homebrew Common Commands

Command line Software Management:

$ brew search wget  # 搜索软件$ brew info wget    # 查看软件信息$ brew install wget  # 安装 wget$ brew list wget    # 列出该软件安装后的文件$ brew uninstall wget  # 卸载 wget

Official website:

Homebrew-cask extends Homebrew and brings its elegance, simplicity, and speed to MacOS applications and large binaries Ali Ke.

It is takes 1 line in your shell to reach 3624 casks maintained by 4493 contributors.

Caskroom Software Management:

Get Homebrew-cask

$ brew tap caskroom/cask

Common commands:

# brew cask 和 brew 的命令基本一致,search, info, list, install, uninstall 子命令都一样$ brew cask install java  # 安装 Java$ brew cask uninstall java  # 卸载 Java
Homebrew Installed software Updates

brew installSoftware can be updated with the following command:

$ brew update && brew upgrade && brew cleanup
    • brew update: Update Homebrew
    • brew upgrade: Complete the installed command-line software update
    • brew cleanup: Remove old version software
Homebrew-cask Installed software Updates

I will try to install GUI software as much as possible, such as:,,,, and brew cask install java google-chrome vlc sublime-text postman eclipse-jee so on.

But brew cask install the installed software is not easy to update with a command, so I use the following script update:

$ cat ~/bin/!/bin/bashred=$(tput setaf 1)# green=$(tput setaf 2)reset=$(tput sgr0)(set -x; brew update;)for cask in $(brew cask outdated | awk ‘{print $1}‘)do    echo "${red}update ${cask} ...${reset}."    # (set -x; brew cask reinstall "$cask";)    (set -x; brew cask install --force "$cask";)doneecho "${red}brew clean up ...${reset}"(set -x; brew cleanup;)(set -x; brew cask cleanup;)echo "${red}brew clean up done.${reset}"


    • brew cask outdatedList the software that needs to be updated
    • brew cask install --force <outdated-cask>Update Software

In fact, the following sentence can also be done:

$ brew cask install --force $(brew cask outdated | awk ‘{print $1}‘ | xargs)

It is recommended to use homebrew, and do not manually download and install DMG files as far as possible.

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This article tags: Mac efficiency tools mac gadget MacOS homebrew-cask Mac Package Manager

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How does MacOS use the Package Manager homebrew-cask to install software?

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