How does mysql delete duplicate records

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The table name is the Tongxunlu field is the ID sxingming sxingbie Dtshengri
Because repeatedly inserted, several data, want to delete duplicate

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For example, how to judge the repetition.

Delete manually:

You can directly Judge Sxingming Sxingbie dtshengri These field values are the same, and then delete as needed

Delete duplicate records

Delete from Tongxunlu a where  rowid not in (select Max (ROWID) from Tongxunlu where and sxingming=a.sxingming an D  

Delete from Tongxunlu  where ID is not in  (the Select Max (ID) from the Tongxunlu Group by ID sxingming Sxingbie Dtshengri;

What to do with the criteria for judging the duplicates.

Say how many data first.
Data is not much, back up the data table, the original table empty, foreach sweep back up the data table, the non-duplicated inserted into the original table.
This will solve the problem, there is no need to engage in such a profound.

Only a few data, with third-party tools directly deleted.

Delete from tb1 where ID in (select Id,count (ID) as TT from Tb.where have tt>1)
Implementation must take a certain amount of time, the key to see how much data

Delete from tb1 where ID in (select Id,count (ID) as TT from Tb.where have tt>1 GROUP by $FN)
Dropped the group by

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