How does one perform a speed test? How to test the network speed

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Some people do not know how to test their network speed, or do not pay close attention to their network speed at ordinary times, which may be deceived by network providers. In order to protect their own interests from infringement, you should know how to test the network speed.


Measure the test speed to protect your rights and interests.

Some people do not know how to test their network speed, or do not pay close attention to their network speed at ordinary times, which may be deceived by network providers, pay 4 M bandwidth fee, use 2 M bandwidth network speed, it sometimes happens to us. To protect your own interests from infringement, you should know how to test the network speed, know the network speed test method, and pay attention to your network speed every day.

How does one perform a speed test?

There are many options for the network speed test. When you install broadband, the network provider may introduce you to any website or software for the network speed test. No matter what you use to test the network speed, you should not use only one method. The correct method is to use multiple methods and test at least five times, to determine the network speed. Because there are many factors affecting the speed of the network, no software or website that can speed up the speed can accurately calculate your real bandwidth at that time.

Several common methods for Speed Testing

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the network speed.

You can search for a dog, find a latest and popular movie to download, use thunder to download, select the high-speed download mode in Thunder settings, and set the maximum number of connections to 1000, download to see how fast the maximum download speed is.

Generally, the download speed of 1 Mbps is between 100 kb and 150 kb/s.

2 m is 200-280 K/s

4 m is 400 k-500 K/s

8 m is 800-950 K/s

10 m optical fiber sharing can reach 1 m-1.5 m/s

Note: the theoretical download speed of 1 Mbit/s bandwidth is 128 K/s, the bandwidth of 2 Mbit/s is 256 K/s, and the bandwidth of 4 Mbit/s is 512 K/s)

The above is the fastest reference value for the network speed. If the difference is not much, it will be normal. This method also has some drawbacks. Some broadband vendors (ISPS) will limit P2P software ports such as thunder and BT, resulting in a very slow download speed, when you find that the popular resources you download are also slow, and dozens of K are not available, it is a restricted port.

Network Speed Test Method 2: Use the network speed test website

Using the network speed test website for network speed test is the most common network speed test method for Internet users. Because this method is simple and convenient, you do not need to download software for installation. You can enter a website to test the speed.

The kaka network speed testing platform is an authoritative speed testing website in China. The website has multiple lines to choose from. You can select a Test Line Based on your network usage, the test points are distributed across all provinces, the United States, Australia, Japan and other overseas countries. Users can select any test points for testing. The website uses flash to achieve the speed test function and visualize the test process, the test results accurately reflect the local network speed. You do not need to download and install plug-ins or add additional devices. This is easy to use and easy to operate.

You can select a local location and a suitable line for testing.

After the network speed test is completed, the system will automatically calculate your network speed at that time. See:

After multiple tests, you can select multiple test points for testing. After a comprehensive comparison, you can know the real network speed at that time.

Network speed test method 3: Ping test network speed

Ping can be used to test the computer name and computer ip address, verify the connection with the remote computer, verify the connection to one or more remote computers by sending ICMP echo data packets to the computer and listening for echo response data packets. This command can only be used after the TCP/IP protocol is installed.

Using Ping to test the network speed is also a recommended speed measurement method, which is easy to operate. Open your ms-dos(→→ms-ms-ms-ms-ms-ms-dos), and use win2000 to open cmd.exe (this is MS-dos in Win2000, start → program → attachment → "command prompt" or start → search for files or folders → "fill in cmd.exe ", find it and double-click it to run it .) Enter in the DOS window and you will see the following interface:

Pay attention to the time circled in red. If it is greater than 100 ms, it proves that your network speed is very slow, generally between 30-50 ms. In fact, this ping method cannot calculate how many kb your network speed is. It can only roughly describe the speed at that time. Therefore, this speed test method is not desirable.

Unit problem of the network speed test

Several Internet access methods reference speed: * k bandwidth download speed: 58 K/S * 1 M bandwidth download speed: 90 K/S * M bandwidth download speed: 130 K/S * 2 M bandwidth download speed: 180 K/S * 3 M bandwidth download speed: 270 K/S * 4 M bandwidth download speed: 360 K/s. This article is collected by the Kaka network speed testing platform. If there is any infringement, please contact us and we will delete it immediately.

About bit/second and byte (bytes)/S (seconds) Conversion instructions: The line unit is BPS, indicating bit/second (seconds ), note that the lower-case letter B is used. The unit of speed displayed during online download is usually byte (bytes)/S (seconds). Note that the upper-case letter B is used. The relationship between bytes and bits is 1 byte = 8 bits. In addition, when the IP header and HTTP header increase the transmission volume due to the network transmission protocol, 1 Kbyte/s download rate is displayed, the actual transmission rate is about 10 Kbps. For example, the download speed of 50 Kbyte/S has reached kbps. Note the unit!

For some articles about the speed test, you can read this article: Where can I get the speed test? Why is the network speed measurement tool different from the network speed test result?


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