How does Photoshop eliminate noise?

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How does Photoshop eliminate noise? How to deal with PS noise? We use digital cameras to take pictures, there will always be noise, the reason for these noise is due to the lack of exposure to the environment caused by the photo, but as a compulsive disorder, how can you tolerate their own photos above the noise such a flaw? Here the small compilation teaches everybody two strokes to eliminate the noise point method, hoped can help everybody. Another small series of friends will be the latest green version of the Photoshop download address.

Method one, using the image size

In our concept, image size is an order to change the size of the picture, and the function of denoising is not put on the line, if your mind is still stuck in the "a tool must be a tool" in such a framework, then you should be more divergent thinking. Now, with PS to open the image we want to deal with, at a glance can see the distribution of black porcelain surface noise.

Enter "image-image size", in the image size to re-enter the size of the image, you can see the original image size is 1200px wide, high 1604px, we want to make this value larger, but do not change the proportion of the image, that is, to establish a link between the long width.

Then re-enter the size of the image, and check the "Resample", in the dropdown box, select "Keep details (enlarge)", the reduced noise module to 88%, of course, this parameter is to see the specific picture of your specific circumstances. In short, the principle used here is to increase the noise and then reduce its high light color, so that it becomes less "eye-catching", you can quickly eliminate noise.

After the completion of the picture and then zoom to the original size, after comparison can find that the noise has been reduced a lot.

Method two: Using Camera raw filter function

CAMERA Raw is originally a PS plug-in developed by Adobe, which is designed to handle the raw files of the SLR digital camera, which is integrated into the software and can be used as a filter after this version of Photoshop CC. The principle of CAMERA raw filters to help eliminate noise is to lighten the noise before reducing its details, in short, let the Noise "sink" down.

Open the image we want to deal with, you can find the whole picture of the quality, in addition to the highlights of the parts are full of noise, and darker color, the quality is not clear.

Locate the filter >camera raw filter, open the filter, and eject the filter's parameters panel. In the parameters panel, find the "Details" icon, which is the red box in the image below.

In the "Reduce Noise" column, the brightness and brightness of the details of the two parameters to debug, do not suddenly the brightness of the slider pull too much, this will make the picture is not too real. Move the slider slowly and try to find the best feeling. These two different combinations of parameters will help you find the balance point, that is, neither distortion nor exposure to noise.

Here, you can look at the contrast before and after the camera raw filter is processed.

The above is a small series for everyone to collect and collate the PS Denoising method, hope for everyone useful!

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