How does ppt change the background picture?

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ppt To change the background of the first step,

We first need to download the slide maker PowerPoint before making the production.

Of course, many operating systems installed at the time of the three Office software has been built, the general installation of the version is OFFICE2003, has launched the Office2007 and Office2013 version, the function is certainly more powerful than 2003, If you want to make a more gorgeous slide you can replace the new version, as the test green tea small weave will not replace the other version, use the default version 2003.

ppt To change the background of the second step,

Then we click on the design options (as shown in the red line below), we will find that there are a lot of systems from the design template, choose a random and then click, you will see the original slide background has changed.

Is it the background of the design template that we just applied when we clicked on the new slide? Actually, changing the slide background is such a simple thing.

PPT Change background Third step,

Of course, the above operation is only to allow novice friends to experience the pleasure of success as soon as possible, so as to continue to learn the momentum. The following green Tea Small series to introduce a bit more "advanced" technology, that is to create their own exclusive slide background and applied to the production of the slides.

ppt To change the background of the fourth step,

First we create a new slide (preferably the original slide, that is, there is no background, and then we click on the View menu, find the Master option, and then click on the slide master, so that we go to the slide master editing interface, which is our protagonist today, through which we make our own slides.

ppt To change the background of the fifth step,

And then we can insert our favorite background, click on the Insert menu, then select the picture options, choose from the file, and then select your favorite pictures as a background and then click on the Insert (pick the file to pay attention to size, too small or too large will cause the slide layout is not coordinated, appropriate best).

ppt To change the background of the sixth step,

Then we right-click on the background picture, click on the stacking order in the Pop-up tab, and then choose to put it on the bottom so that the text style emerges, and the picture really becomes a background picture, and many friends may overlook this step when making the master.

ppt To change the background of the seventh step,

After the design is complete, we can save the master version. Click "Close Master View", and then open the File menu and click Save As option.

Then select the Save type as pot type (the default is the PPT format, don't choose the wrong one), and then enter the name of the design template and click Save.

ppt To change the background of the eighth step,

Then we click on the design option again, and in the default master we'll find the master we just made.

If we're going to apply this master to the slide, just click it in the design and click on the new slide to see that all the new slides have been made with your own master.

PPT Change Background note:

1, must first go to the Master Editor interface in the Insert picture, otherwise you just inserted a slide into the background picture, and can not be used as a master for other slides.

2, in the selection of pictures must pay attention to size, if improper selection will affect the beauty of the slide.

3, Green tea Small series also tried not to put in the bottom of the design template to save the situation, the same can be entered text, as if there is no big impact, but according to the Convention or the background picture to the bottom of the good.

4, save the design template to pay attention to the name of the pot file, if the same as the default design template may share a display window, this must be noted.

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