How does ppt courseware insert sound?

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sound mainly includes music and harmony. Sound is an important element of PPT courseware, it can make PPT courseware become active from dull, so as to guide and stimulate students ' interest. The reasonable use of sound in PPT Courseware can enhance the appeal of courseware.


Let's take a look at how to add the sound source file in ppt

1, insert the external sound file, method see the figure below

2, insert the sound in clip art

PowerPoint has a gallery of media clips that provides the type of sound media.

Select the slides you want to add sound to, in the media Group of the Insert Ribbon, click the Sound button, eject the Drop-down list, select clip art audio, and open the Clip Art task pane, which lists the installed self-contained sound files.

Both of these methods allow you to insert the desired sound file.

After the sound is inserted into the slide, you can edit the sound to crop out part of the sound that you already need.

Here's how to share the following:

After the sound is inserted into the slide, click the small horn icon, and the Ribbon will appear with an Audio tool tab, click the Play tab in the Ribbon to edit the sound, and look at the image below

In this ribbon, you can crop sounds, set fade effects, set volume, and other sound setting options.

A typical application is described below. In English class, the teacher often needs to use the recording to carry on the read.

The following image is a PPT courseware, the teacher clicks the small horn icon behind the English word, can play the corresponding reading sound

This courseware example makes relatively simple, inserts the picture and enters the text, directly inserts the corresponding English word to read aloud the sound file can

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