How does ppt make deformable animation?

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In addition to the traditional method of frame-by-step, ppt deformable animation can be realized by using PPT with its own function. The general use of animation is similar to the frame-by-step animation, before and after a total of more than 10 slides to achieve the final effect. To achieve the animation effect, the small series that can be fully used PPT with the gyro-spin animation to achieve.

Production ideas:

Draw the corresponding graph with the drawing tool, realize the contraction effect of the line segment on both sides of the cylinder by the spin animation of the PPT, realize the reduction of the bottom of the cylinder by enlarging/reducing the animation, finally achieves the goal.

Production process:

(i) Drawing graphics

The cylinder in this example is not drawn directly from the cylindrical tool in the drawing tool, but is combined with an ellipse tool and a line tool to draw the ellipse and line segments respectively. For the convenience of description, we are called the left segment, the right segment and the upper end respectively.

Spin animation in ppt, object rotation is around the center point of the object rotation, and our diagram of the left and right segment rotation, we want to be around the bottom of the end of the rotation. To solve this problem, we copy the left segment, move the copied segment below the original segment, and in the Format Shape window, set the line color to "wireless bar" so that the copied segment becomes transparent, and then press SHIFT to select the original segment, Combine the original segment with the copied transparent segment (Figure 1). The right segment is also the same. This step is a key step.

(ii) Animation production

1. Select the left segment after the combination, add the animated "Gyro Spin", and the "spin" animation to make the following settings: "Quantity" to choose Custom, input 24° (note: This numerical value is the rotation in this case, the specific production can be adjusted according to the actual situation, in addition, input must press ENTER to confirm), select "Clockwise Rotation Press the OK button to close the dialog box. The duration of the animation is the default two seconds (of course, it can also be set according to actual needs)

2. The right segment animation setting is similar to the left line segment setting, the different point is chooses "counterclockwise" to rotate.

3. On the bottom of the animation, we choose "zoom/Shrink" to the animation effect of the following settings: "Size" in the input of 0%, that is, the upper end after shrinking, eventually completely disappeared.

In the animation pane, set the start of the right segment and the bottom of the animation all to: with the previous animation.

The main animation set up, play the slide, found the problem, the upper and the side segments appear a distance (Figure 2). What's the reason? After the analysis, the original is the two sides of the line of rotation, the length of the line itself is unchanged, but the vertical distance is shortened (equivalent to the right angle of the right triangle and bevel edge). The method is also very simple, to the left and right side segments with a "zoom/shrink" animation, the animation for the following settings, "size" input 107%, that is, on both sides of the line to a small magnification effect. In addition, in the animation pane, set the beginning of the two animations all to: with the previous animation. The animation duration is 1.5 seconds and is delayed by 0.5 seconds.

Play the slide, the difference is made!

Small tip: This example is made in PowerPoint 2010, and is similar in PowerPoint 2003, where the left and right segments must be made of rectangles, the fill of the copied rectangle is set to no fill, and the line is set to "Wireless bar Color" It's OK. In addition, some of the animation settings in this example data, can be based on the actual situation to make appropriate changes, more testing several times, will be able to achieve satisfactory results.

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