How does PS correctly decompose later?

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When we see a picture, how exactly do we imitate its late? If you can see a picture can have an accurate idea to "crack" the later words of this picture, you go to the later stage is easy. Today let the expert @ his mountain eye to you to talk about the decomposition of the correct posture, with case analysis, this is a beginner must learn a course, remember Mark.

I have also said a lot of late thinking, through which there is a very important late crack thought: decomposition combination.

The so-called decomposition combination, is you first to understand the basic elements of the late.

For example, we can divide the latter into three basic categories: exposure, color, and special effects.

Changes in the brightness of the screen are exposure, such as low light compression.

Color changes in the screen, such as color bias.

Changes in the shape of the screen are special effects, such as moving axes.

There are a lot of elements under each big category, such as special effects, such as exploding star rails, heart-shaped aperture, bougainvillea days, miniature planets, and so on.

It is necessary for us to take these elements to the smallest factor.

For example, when we look at the exposure, the histogram is the most left is not a pixel of these details are the objects we observe, if you can do to grasp the most basic elements of the late, and then the complex picture effect can hold live.

For a simple example:

Let's take a look at this picture.

First of all, we have to learn to observe the characteristics of the picture, which can be said to be the most important step.

The premise of identifying the features of the screen is that you have sufficient late-stage reserves to know the effects of different late-stage pictures.

  This picture has four distinct features:

One, the picture is monochrome.

Second, the screen has a sense of stretching.

Third, the upper part of the screen has the feeling of silk.

Four, the water surface appears the line feeling.

  After we have observed these features, we are going to implement these features:

One, monochrome can be through the color layer + color mixing mode to achieve.

Second, the sense of stretching can be realized through dynamic blur.

Third, the silk feeling is because of being blurred, of course you can also through the oil painting filter to strengthen this feeling.

Four, the surface of the line feeling is also realized through the dynamic blur.


(Picture for the beautiful Three Gorges Reservoir Area city: Wanxian)

Dynamic Blur:

Add Mask:

Copy the original image, and then dynamic blur:

Then combine the previous picture and rub it out with a mask:

Add a color layer:

Effect as shown:

Of course, this is just a simple demonstration, the most important thing is reflected in the later ideas.

Hope to be helpful to everyone.

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