How does PS pull out the classic gloomy late style of photographer Joanna?

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The later stage of Joanna Kitchener is very typical, it is a good material for studying later thought. The style of his works is very uniform, which we call "damp" style. Today @ His mountain eyes through the analysis and copying this style, deepen the understanding of the students to the latter, if you seriously learn to go, the harvest is not only to shape a style of the method, but also the extrapolate of the later ideas, to collect!

The so-called yin, refers to exposure, the so-called wet, refers to color.

Let's talk about exposure first.

Why do we say that the exposure of this style is "yin"?

You can observe almost all of his works, there is a common feature, that is, the lack of high light is pure white.

For example the sky and wall inside this picture:

The roofs and walls inside this picture:

You can look at its histogram, which is basically the distribution:

On the far right there is basically no pixel, which is the lack of pure white.

Let's talk about color again.

The so-called color "wet" refers to the high purity of color, giving a feeling of greasy, so feel a moist feeling.

This kind of wet feeling also has certain correlation with the above exposure, the highlight flaw, also can cause the picture to have a kind of moist feeling.

The color of the screen mainly in brown system.

Therefore, our late adjustment mainly from three aspects:

One, enhanced brown.

Second, compressed high light.

Third, slight adjustment.

Note: Generally speaking, we first adjust the color, then adjust the exposure. Because the normal exposure is more conducive to our observation of color, at the same time, if the first adjustment of exposure, after adjusting the color, then adjust the color part may affect our final exposure.


  One, enhanced brown

Create a new layer, fill it with brown, and change the blending mode to soft light

I use two layers of soft light, because the soft layer can be superimposed.

Stamped layer:

  Ii. Adjustment of exposure

We use this one-root curve to erase the highlight of the picture:

Picture as shown:

  Third, adjust the details

For example, we lower gamma values to further depress the exposure of the screen and improve the contrast of the picture:

For example, we can reduce the natural saturation and create a relatively refreshing effect:

This step is based on a specific picture to make some adjustments.

There is also a way we can go to try, is the "color layer" + "multiply the bottom" method.

This method does not require us to use the high light compression curve.

There's a magical effect!

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