How does Remote Desktop Connection work smoothly without delay?

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Whether it is a software sales demo or a remote training, you can not rely on a clear and fluent multiplayer Remote Desktop Connection. However, there are a lot of tips on how to do it smoothly without delay in Remote Desktop Connection.

In fact, the current technology to achieve absolute no delay is not possible, even desktop sharing and Remote Desktop Connection, the most fluent turbomeeting can be as low as 2ms of latency.

Therefore, the small weave here will analyze how to troubleshoot Remote Desktop Connection latency from factors that cause Remote Desktop Connection latency:

1 first check your network stability: Wireless as far as possible to switch to wired, or as close as possible to the router, so as to ensure that the signal source recently, the network naturally more stable, after all, good technology and products left the stable network can not do without delay or less delay.

2 Second, check that your computer runs more than one program, the CPU is not nearly full. If your computer's memory is 100% or more than 50, then your computer itself will be card, so that Remote Desktop Connection in the Remote desktop itself is not smooth, and then smooth transmission can not be without delay.

3 After considering the network and the computer itself, the smoothness and latency of the Remote Desktop Connection are only affected by data compression. Remote Desktop Connection sometimes involves the connection sharing between audio and video and program files, so the algorithm of compressing audio and video and desktop data greatly affects the fluency of Remote Desktop Connection. Take the United States Rhub communication beyond the original irreversible compression algorithm, you can achieve, video transmission 200-300kbps, voice compression transmission needs to 30kbps,ppt8kbps, software program sharing also requires very low traffic, So this compression algorithm is the only time in the normal network environment to achieve delay at the 2ms level delay, that is, nearly 0 latency.

With the above three years, Remote Desktop Connection can achieve smooth without delay (nearly 0 delay) effect. If you have a good experience, welcome to share with us.

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