How does Tencent WiFi Butler connect to WiFi?

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Mobile phone want to visit the page, need data, traffic, of course, can also through WiFi, this time need some WiFi helper class gadgets, small series today recommended Tencent WiFi Butler, this is a similar WiFi universal key tools to allow users free access to many WiFi Oh! Tencent WiFi Butler this year to allow the flow of expensive problems have been very good relief, which allows a lot of the lack of traffic in the version of the time can be a solution to the immediate need.

So how does Tencent's WiFi Butler connect to free WiFi? Is it like a WiFi key that requires screenshots to be uploaded to connect or can it be directly connected to free WIIF? Now PC6 the Apple Network to teach you how to use the Tencent WiFi Butler IOS9 system to connect free WiFi.

In fact, Tencent WiFi Butler is to open the distance between the merchants and consumers, everyone in the outdoor connection of free wiif is actually a commercial provider of WiFi. When you connect Wi-Fi, you will display the information of the merchant, so the invisible among the merchants to do advertising. Of course, everyone is connected to a free wifi.

Tencent WiFi Butler after downloading for the first time, you must allow the "Tencent WiFi Butler" to use the location, and you have to open the positioning service, in the "Settings-privacy" Among the first is positioning services.

First, open the Tencent WiFi Butler, the interface as shown in the picture. Click "Connect Now" in the image below.

Tencent WiFi Butler Connect immediately

The second step is to jump to the system's Wiif list, as shown by the small knitting phone, if there is a Tencent mobile Butler WiFi open platform to join the users, as well as free free WiFi Wi-Fi will be under this wifi reality "Tencent WiFi Butler a key connection" words. Click to select one of the strong signal wiif, Tencent WiFi Butler will automatically help you connect this wifi.

Tencent WiFi Butler

The third step, Tencent WiFi Butler app in the successful help you connect to the image shown in the Wiif, will appear in the following figure trivia tips, this time if you want to get the WiFi password to tell the friends around you, may wish to point to the picture below the "Get password" Then copy to any one can enter the text of the place to paste the actual password details! For example, "browsers, micro-letters, memos, etc.".

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