How does the big tag in HTML work? Examples of using HTML big tags

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The use of big tags in html, big tags are known to be a base of the enlarged label, but we all add the big tag in what element, today this article tells the details of adding big tags in several elements, and now start reading this article

First we need to know how to use the HTML big tag:

HTML Big tag is a little larger than the normal text label, we often use, of course, in the HTML is also highlighted in the label, but the big tag we said today is not the same, the big tag is a more conspicuous label, let us look at the actual situation.

Here is an example of using HTML big tags:

<!doctype html>

Afraid you do not understand the specific use of the big tag, we first use the P tag to see its magnification display effect:

See, is not also the equivalent of an emphasis on the role, this is the use of big tags, in fact, are very simple.

Do you think you already know the full use of the big tag? NO, it can be used more than that. (Want to see more on the Topic.alibabacloud.comhtml Development Manual section of the study)

Let's take a look at the second use case of the HTML big tag:

<!doctype html>

We saw that I used two big tags in the H1, one not set, one set the big tag, let's see if the big tag can be enlarged in the H1 tag too?

Now let's take a look at it:

No box of that is not set big label, the effect is not very obvious, although the big not much, but this can be the title H1 label Ah, is the Web page in addition to separate set of pixels, H1 tag is the largest label, or the most prominent title tag, big tag in this can be shown first, And can also be more than the H1 label display, so that the feeling is not big tag than H1 label, but H1 tag has its own, here is not detailed said, but obviously big tag is still very useful, the most important thing is the big tag is all browsers can support. That's one of the benefits.

Well, this is the content of this article about HTML big tags. Also want to see more tags, recommended to topic.alibabacloud.comhtml Study Manual section of the study. If you have questions, you can leave a comment below.

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