How does the column layout in the word2003?

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How does the column layout in the word2003? You know the newspaper is divided into a column, very beautiful, the effect is very good, but you know that Word documents can be divided into columns, Word also has the function of column layout, then in the word2003 How to column layout? The following small series for you to introduce, Take a look at it!


1. Select the text to be processed by the column, click on the format of the mouse, select the Format drop-down menu in the column command, into the Column dialog box, the Column dialog box as shown in the following figure.

2. According to our needs or requirements, in the Column dialog box to select the number of columns, you can choose to have a column, two columns, three columns, left and right five options. A column means no columns; two columns indicate that the text is divided into two columns; three columns is the text is divided into three columns, the left side of the text into two columns, but the left column is narrower, the right column is wider; On the right indicates that the text is divided into two columns, but the left column is wider and the right column is narrower, as shown in the following illustration:

3. If more than three columns, then we can in the text box after the number of columns we need to enter the number of columns, but word can be divided into 11 columns.

4. To set the width and spacing, if the column makes each column width equal, then directly select the Column width equality option, if not each column is equal, you can set the width of each column, as shown in the following figure:

5. Note that there is a separator line option box in the upper-right corner of the column dialog box, and if selected, the column and column will appear separated by a separator line.

6. Click to apply, there are:, we are selected to select the text to the column to operate, directly click the OK button, you can complete the text of the column processing, but also closed the Column dialog box.

Attention matters

After the column, pay attention to the document in the modification, so that with the layout of a reasonable distribution, looks beautiful, generous.

The above is in the word2003 How to column typesetting method introduction, the operation is not very difficult, we have learned? Hope to be helpful to everybody!

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