How does the computer of the WIN7/WIN8 system set up the timer automatic shutdown?

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Tips: This case applies to Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Vista and XP systems, which manually set the timing shutdown does not support the XP system.

Implemented through the Task Scheduler:

1, in the Start menu, All Programs--> System Tools--> Task Scheduler, click "Task Scheduler" to open the service.

2, in the Open Task Scheduler, in the list of actions on the right, click to open "Create basic tasks."

3. In the Create Basic Task Wizard dialog box, create a basic task, enter the task name, description, and then click Next. In this example, the task is named: Timed shutdown.

4. In the task trigger step, select the task trigger mechanism: Just like the alarm clock, you can choose whether the scheduled shutdown task is to start every day, or on a weekly basis, or to perform this once. This example selects "Once", that is, the task is invalidated when the scheduled shutdown task performs a shutdown.

5, set the timing of the shutdown time. For example, if you want your computer to shut down at 7 o'clock in the afternoon, adjust the time to 19:00 and click Next.

6, set a good time, you need to start selecting tasks to perform the action. Because we need a timer shutdown, so here we need to select "Start Program." If you want your computer to send messages regularly, or to display messages on a regular basis, you can select the other two separately.

7. Because the Windows system shutdown commands are executed by Shutdown.exe, we need to select the Shutdown.exe program to execute the shutdown command when we choose to start the program. In a Windows system, the program is located under the WindowsSystem32 folder of the system disk.

Important reminder: Remember to add the parameter "s" to the input box to turn off the local computer. In addition, if the input parameter "-r" indicates that the computer is shut down and restarted.

8, set all the content, you can see the computer plan to perform the shutdown task. As shown in the following figure, click Finish to achieve it.

Through the "Rubik's Cube computer Master" to achieve:

1, compared to the use of Windows with the "Task Scheduler" of the cumbersome operation, we can use the Rubik's Cube computer master "timed shutdown" tool, easy to achieve automatic timing shutdown, restart, logoff and other operations.

Open the Rubik's Cube computer Master's timer shutdown gadget, you can set the time of automatic shutdown.

2, open "Timed shutdown", you can as shown in the picture, select the need to automatically execute the command. Rubik's Cube timing shutdown tools to provide a shutdown, restart, logoff, sleep, hibernation and other commands, you can choose according to their own needs.

3, in the Rubik's Cube, set the timing shutdown, you can according to the need to repeat the way, the type of time to choose. such as single execution, repeat execution, countdown 50 minutes after the automatic shutdown.

Attention matters

If you use the Rubik's Cube computer master set automatic shutdown, remember before the shutdown can not exit the Rubik's Cube.

When Windows comes with a task shutdown, remember that the parameter "-S" means shutdown and needs to be filled in.

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