How does the data in an Excel table implement a quick query?

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How does the data in an Excel table implement a quick query? Sometimes we need to query the data in multiple workbooks, and a manual click and record it will be cumbersome, here's a simple way.

1. First, we open a work sample form as an example.

2, here is a salary table, if we need to compare someone to the three-month payroll, the normal operation is to open each salary sheet, and then the data recorded in the comparison. Such a way is very cumbersome. Of course we can also use formulas to work with thin references.

3, if the work is more thin, then we need to use the formula function to query, and we need to first on the workbook name uniform naming. We set the workbook name uniformly in a separate column and then use the indirect function to edit it. function formula is =indirect (table_array& "!sheet")

4, if such a fill error occurs, please note that the list cell values are the same as the workbook name, sometimes we re-edit the workbook name with a half corner space, it is difficult to find.

5, in fact, we have a more simple way, is to use the monitoring point in Excel function. In the Formula tab panel, click the Monitor Shortcut button, and in the dialog box that pops up, we select the corresponding data cell that needs to be queried.

6. After all the data cells that need to be queried are fully added, the relevant data is clearly arranged in the monitor panel, and the final result is the same as the formula used.

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