How does the Excel table show the data at the beginning of 0?

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How does the Excel table show the data at the beginning of 0?


1, first create a new Excel table, click the right mouse button on the desktop to select, new "Microsoft Excel worksheet, create a new Excel table

2, now the table is completed, double-click the left mouse button, open the Excel table

3, now the table has been opened, because it is new so the content is empty, take 001 as an example

4, enter the number "001" in a lattice

5, input complete, the cursor moved to another lattice, click, now you can see just entered the 001 left only 1, 00 is hidden

6, the following to solve this problem, in the form of 001 before adding a quote "'" on it, remember the quotation marks must be in English state input

7, now again in the blank place click can see no problem, now can be normal display 001, go to try It

The above is in the Excel table how to show 0 beginning of the data method introduction, the operation is very simple, we have learned? Hope to be helpful to everyone!

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