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Now basically everyone a smartphone, and many users also have laptops, tablets and other digital products, many family members of the wireless network requirements are generally high, and the traditional telephone line network due to low broadband, it has been difficult to meet the family members of many internet users need, So today many friends pull broadband will choose the network performance better fiber optic network. However, the computer Pepsi Network found that many friends do not know how to set the fiber-optic router, the next small series will be for the small white friends all-round introduction.

How to set up fiber-optic router setup graphics and text tutorial

In fact, the fiber optic cable and our ordinary telephone line is similar to the difference, the difference is that fiber network cable does not need to connect modem (commonly known as "cat") dial-up Internet, but only to the fiber network cable directly connected to the computer can dial the Internet, but many netizens for the cat without the fiber network cable, how to connect the router but began to puzzled, Next, this article will be divided into fiber-optic router line connection and router settings in two parts to explain in detail.

First, fiber optic cable, computer, wireless router connection method

Fibre-optic cable because there is no cat, you need to connect directly to the router, and you need to connect to a special WAN port on the wireless router, and there are four other core LAN ports that users connect to the computer. In addition, we also need to connect the router for the wireless router, the following is the optical cable, computer, wireless router Connection diagram:

Optical cable, computer, wireless router connection schematic

As shown in the figure above, we see a gray network cable for the Internet from the outside to the home of the optical cable, the cable interface, directly connected to the wireless router's WAN port, and the other four core LAN port interface color is different, we can easily distinguish, and the port below will be labeled WAN port. Another yellow cable is one end connected to the computer (the author here to show you are connected to the author notebook), the other end of the wireless router connected to the four LAN port of any one can, and finally the black line of the connection of the Power box plug, the overall connection effect far look, the following figure:

Fiber optic cable, computer, wireless router connection method

As shown above, in order to facilitate the demo, the author put the wireless router at the top of the notebook, in the next operation, we need to enter the computer operation, it is necessary to put the router next to. The installation of fiber-optic router is basically finished here, next we are going to set up the fiber-optic wireless router, before setting, we first have to understand the router's IP default login address and the network provider to our Internet account and password.

How to find router logon IP address and Internet account

1, first of all, said the router's IP address, this different router default login address may be different, most of them are, and the router login user password and password is usually admin, you can see the bottom of your wireless router callout, the following figure:

Routers at the bottom of the router will be labeled IP address and user name, password and other information

As shown above, the author uses the Tp-link wireless router, the IP address of its login management is, username and password are all admin, please refer to your router on the mark.

2, again, the business to provide us with the broadband account password problem, the author is pulling 10M unicom fiber network, go to the office, in the application, the Network Chamber of Commerce to give you the Internet account and password, if not, please connect the local broadband network operators, the following figure:

Internet accounts and passwords provided to us by internet operators

Connected to their own router login IP address and the Internet account and password, we can go to set up a wireless router. Let me introduce the following details.

Second, the optical fiber wireless Router Setup Guide

1, first open the computer, and then any open a Web page, and then in the browser URL in addition to enter their own router login IP address, the following figure:

As shown above, to the author of the wireless Router for example, first in the browser address bar input and then press ENTER, you can pop up the following User Login dialog box, we are the default user name and password, and then click on the bottom of the "OK" to enter the wireless router built-in interface.

2, enter the router to set up the interface, we first click on the left-hand side of the navigation inside the "Setup Wizard" the following figure:

Go to the Router Setup Wizard

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