How does the Millet router set the QOS intelligence speed limit?

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"For the Fever" of millet in recent years also dabbled in the ranks of routers, and in the army has an important position. About the QoS intelligence speed limit, the small part also introduced many other routers before the setting method. This article is mainly aimed at the millet router How to set the QoS intelligent speed limit, for everyone to explain.

The millet router QoS intelligent Speed Limit setting method is as follows:

First, in the computer log in the background of Millet router management interface, and then enter the "System settings", and then click into the "QoS Intelligent Speed Limit" settings, as shown in the following figure:

Second, the router's QoS intelligent speed limit function is usually closed, so here should be set to open the QoS speed limit function, as shown in the following figure:

Third, open the QoS speed limit function, will automatically test the current network broadband situation, the completion of the display of broadband, and at the bottom can see the current connection on the Internet equipment, the following figure is a small series of 4M broadband test results, as shown in the following figure.

Four, Millet router's QoS intelligent speed limit is divided into automatic and manual, compared with only manually set the ordinary wireless router more personalized. About the QoS speed limit selection needs to turn on the automatic or manual, you need to see the user needs, as shown in the following figure:

In general, if set to Automatic, so many users to the Internet will be balanced adjustment, as far as possible to achieve the bandwidth balance of each user, if it is manually set, we can according to their own situation, the highest percentage of arbitrary allocation of broadband and the lowest broadband protection.

Five, millet router QoS intelligent speed limit is still very practical, small series by manually set the user's broadband upper limit and lower limit, and then test with the broadband test tool, you can see the effect of broadband restrictions are very obvious, as shown in the following figure:

Broadband testing

At present, most routers support the QoS speed-limiting function, for multi-user Internet environment, through the reasonable setting of user broadband upper limit and lower limit, can protect the Internet users of broadband resources reasonable allocation, to avoid a person to download or watch high-definition movies, and lead to other Internet users cotton.

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