How does the network firewall turn off

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The network firewall originally has the protection function to the system, therefore the general application we all recommend opens the firewall, but for loves the game player to have the very headache, the Warcraft local area network does not go and so on. So how do you shut down the network firewall?

Method 1: Right-click Properties on the Network Neighborhood on the desktop, as shown below:

Then there's a local connection, and then the right-click attribute on the icon, as shown in the following figure:

Then you'll jump out of a tab, click on the top right of the tab, and then you can see a set of buttons, as shown below:

After entering the firewall setting, select "Close" directly, confirm save and exit. The following figure:

Method 2:

① use the most original method, the steps are as follows: first go to "My Computer", and then enter the "Control Panel."

② in the Control panel we go back into the Security Center.

③ into the Security Center can see "Windows Firewall, access to the firewall settings can choose to turn off the firewall, to confirm the save after the exit."

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