How does the Samsung Galaxy J7 use the Smart Manager's device security features?

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Smart Manager Device security features to protect our mobile phone security, this in the latest version of the mobile phone has this function, the next one to see how to open the method.

1. In the Utilities folder.

2. Click "Intelligent Manager" as shown below, there are many functions in this, here not one by one, we just introduced the security features.

3. After reading the "Use network connection" prompt, click "OK". (some of the features of the smart Manager require WLAN connectivity, and the database will only be updated when connected over the WLAN.) )

4. Click on "Equipment safety".

5. Read the terms and conditions carefully and click "Agree".

6. Click on the "scanning device" below to detect the device memory.

7. Scanning devices to find out if there is a threat ....

8. After the scan is complete, if the threat is not detected, it will return directly to the device security main interface.

Of course, this setting has been quite safe, if there is a cloud to bind it may be better oh, and if not assured that you can install a 360 security guards in the phone, so I am good oh.

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