How does the watercress use Python? The legend of the watercress is the domestic Python technology is the strongest company, is it true?

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Recommend me a diary to understand the Watercress technical team must see http://www. 7/ , where "python in the Watercress application" is more appropriate to answer this question, recommend to see

On the "strongest", I don't know how to judge. In some cases, everyone seems to refer to the "Python in the actual work of the scope of application", then the above slide basically said that the watercress all use Python occasions, we judge it. I know the domestic internet companies too few, well-frog, afraid to do what to judge. You go to see Hong Qiangning in the Pycon 2011 "Python in the application of the Watercress" speech, it is easy to search.

As for the strongest, what do you think the judging criteria are? Xie Invited ~
Watercress is a serious user using Python, ranging from algorithms, crawlers, data processing
can refer to this small video: You can refer to this small video: "Python in the application of watercress" Hong Qiangning
"Where is the most skilled company in Python?" Can only be said to use more bar. An individual's understanding of how to measure "technically strong" standards:
1. Availability
2. Performance
3. Contribution to the open source community
Watercress undoubtedly in these 3 aspects are walking in the domestic use of Python Internet company's front, using the watercress open source Beansdb, very powerful!
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