How does the website block specific country ip/language visitors while allowing search engine spiders and their own access?

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1. To block all Chinese IP and Chinese language visitors
2. Blocking proxy access
3. The above access jumps to a specific page or displays a specific text
4. Allow search engine spiders such as Googlebot access
5. Allow yourself to access

Ask for more, forgive me not to write PHP code ...

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To block all Chinese IP and Chinese-language visitors
It's not easy! At the beginning of your PHP file index.php, add a sentence
Provides a way to block a specific country IP, DNS is not resolved.

The Incapsula free version provides shielding national functionality. Purely theoretical analysis, I do not know whether to help:
    • Php:geoip-manual , PHP appears to have a geo module, you can access the IP address of the geographical analysis, if from the CN, processing off itself. (Usage introduction GEOIP use-PHP version )
    • Language, you can try to check the HTTP header's desired language and dispose of the zh-* yourself.

    • Agent Kung Fu Big This needless to say, but you can refer to the Wikipedia block table (
Phone answer. JS code to determine whether the browser's language header contains "zh, CN" Content, do a jump is not good place to change an English browser can access.
var BrowserLang = navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage;if (BrowserLang.substr(0, 3) == "zh-") {    location = "";}
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