How does the Win7 system disable the ThinkPad trackpad?

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Sometimes it is inconvenient for us to operate the keyboard on the trackpad, so how do we turn off the touch pad of the ThinkPad in the Win7 operating system?

The first of these methods

If it's an X-Series or T-series we just press the shortcut key Fn+f8 to turn on or off the trackpad, as shown in the following figure

The second method: for the E-series there is no shortcut keys, we will only use the operating system with the function to set up, the following figure, open the Control Panel, select the mouse.

Select the mouse after entering (i installed the Win7 64-bit does not require hardware and sound directly control panel inside the mouse)

Select the last tab, Ultranav, if you do not find the ULTRANAV option, you need to install the driver, if you want to use Red Riding Hood to check the above option, if you want to use the touchpad to check the options below. If you do not check, the corresponding feature is turned off.

Software Name:

Lenovo Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook computer Ultranav mouse driver v17.0.12.60 version for win7/win8/win8.1

Software size:


Update Time:


As shown below:

Small note: If the hint can not find a device or something, the driver installation is not correct, you can download the latest version of the driver should be on it.

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