How does the Win7 system remove redundant third party add-ons?

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Computer boot Acceleration This topic everyone is very enthusiastic, we will think of starting from the boot add-on, although there are many system optimization software to provide the boot acceleration of the auxiliary function, but most can only clean boot loaded software. In addition to software, Win7 also loads a number of service items at startup. Therefore, in order to completely solve the problem of Win7 boot speed, but also to start the service to troubleshoot.  What are third-party application-loaded services? It's easy to find in the Win7 system configuration. First, click on the "Start" button, enter Msconfig in the Search box, click "OK" to open the WIN7 System Configuration dialog box.

Switch to the Services tab and check the "Hide all Microsoft Services" below.

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Now the list shows all the third-party loaded services, if some do not need to boot, directly cancel the check before the item, and finally click the "OK" button to save the settings, the next time the boot will not start the add-in.

In the cancellation of the add-in need to pay attention to, do not blindly pursue the boot speed, and all add-ins are all disabled, otherwise it may cause some software can not be used normally.

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