How does the WIN8 system close the operation center?

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Operations Center Settings

The Action Center is a central location for viewing alerts and performing actions, with a small white flag icon appearing on any column to help keep Windows running stably. When the small white flag in the Operation center appears the Red Fork icon, it indicates that the computer operation encountered serious problems.

Operation Center

But not all of our tips are always focused on, such as Windows Backup, Microsoft accounts, Internet security settings, and so on, and there's no need to be prompt, so let's just turn them off.

Clicking on the Action Center on the taskbar will prompt "Open Operation Center", and then we can see the Operation Center interface, and to turn off the option that we do not need to prompt is very simple.

Click on the left of the "Change Operation Center Settings", open the page can see a variety of reminders, this is as long as you need to close the appropriate options, but we recommend "Windows Update", "Spyware and Spam protection" and "virus protection" is best kept open.

To turn off unnecessary options

On the left side of the operations center we can also see the "Change User Account Control Settings" and "Change Windows SmartScreen Filter settings" option, which helps prevent unwanted programs from making changes to your computer. The latter protects computer security by issuing warnings before running unrecognized applications and files downloaded from the Web.

Change user Account Control settings

WINDOWS8 Tutorial

Windows SmartScreen

The above set of settings are all about computer security, so it is recommended that users in the use of computers should be set up first, so as to ensure the system in the most secure situation to run, in the face of problems in time to get prompt.

Taskbar notification icon Settings

If you really don't want to see the little white flag in the Operation center, then we have a more thorough solution, first of all, to let him "disappear" on the taskbar.

Right-click the taskbar to select Properties, locate the notification area in the taskbar Properties window, and open the Notification Area icon window. Tap the "Start or turn off System icon" in the window so we can close the Action Center notification icon.

Taskbar property settings

Close Operation Center Notification

Here we can also use the same method to set the other notification icon, as long as the cancellation "always on the taskbar display all icons and notices" before the tick, you can set up for each. can be show/hide, or it can be a notification only.

set for each notification

Of course, the above method of canceling the operation center is not a cure, but another way to be done through the policy group. Win key +r Open the Run window and enter Gpedit.msc to open Group Policy.

Open Group Policy and turn on User Configuration--admin templates, then find the Remove Action Center icon in the Start menu and taskbar Select Enable, and then reboot to complete and operation Center said Byebye.

Delete Action Center icon

However, we do not recommend that the operation Center completely shut down, after all, this is a help to our computer security and normal operation of the settings, in fact, as long as the unnecessary items can be turned off, more than one icon is not much of an eyesore.

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