How does the WIN8 system open 802.1x network authentication?

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802.1X authentication helps enhance the security of 802.11 wireless networks and wired Ethernet networks by requiring the availability of certificates or smart cards for network access. This authentication type is typically used for workplace connections.

Operation Steps:

1. In the Metro interface, click the "desktop" icon. As shown in the following illustration:

2, in the desktop icon to find "Computer" and click the right mouse button, in the pop-up menu select "Management." As shown in the following illustration:

3, in the pop-up window click on the left side of the "service" on the right to find and start "Wired autocnfig" and "WLAN AutoConfig" can be. As shown in the following illustration:

4. Close the Computer Management window, right-click the network adapter icon on the right pallet of the taskbar and select "Open Network Share Center". As shown in the following illustration:

5. In the pop-up window, click the "Change adapter Settings" option on the left. As shown in the following illustration:

6. Right-click on the cable Ethernet connection icon and select "Properties" in the menu. As shown in the following illustration:

7. In authentication, select "Enable IEEE 802.1x". As shown in the following illustration:

802.1X network authentication is not turned on in Windows 8 system environment, as shown in the following illustration:


802.1X Protocol Introduction:

802.1X protocol originated from the 802.11 protocol, the latter is the IEEE Wireless LAN protocol, the original purpose of the 802.1X protocol is to solve the wireless LAN user access authentication problem. 802.1X is a port-based authentication protocol, which is a method and strategy for authenticating users. The port can be a physical port (such as a wired network card port on a machine or a wireless port), or it can be a logical port (such as a VLAN). For a wireless LAN, a port is a channel. The ultimate goal of 802.1x authentication is to determine whether a port is available. For a port, if the authentication succeeds then "open" the port, allow all messages to pass, if the authentication is unsuccessful to keep the port "off", that is, only allow 802.1X authentication protocol message to pass.

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