How does the WIN8 system turn off the UEFI boot mode? Method of WIN8 system shutdown UEFI Boot mode

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Computer pre-installed Windows8 want to change to Windows7, but a lot of user feedback why each installation failed? In fact, this is caused by the motherboard boot mode open. The workaround is simple, so just turn off the UEFI boot to fix the problem. How does the WIN8 system turn off the UEFI boot mode? The following small series for everyone to bring the WIN8 system to close the way the UEFI boot. Let's go and have a look!

The specific methods are as follows:

1, first in the boot press EAC/F2 or other keys into the BIOS;

2, left-click to move the cursor under boot, find launch CSM this attribute select disabled (that is, stop meaning);

3, if the equipment using U disk installation system, the way to choose the U disk for the first start;

4, press the Save key to save and then it will automatically restart, here is the end of the tutorial;

5, additional: pre-installed WIN8 computer may not install dual system, because the pre-installed Win8 can only boot under the UEFI boot, it is not recommended to try to install dual systems.

The above is a small series for everyone on the WIN8 system to turn off the Uefi boot method, very simple, I hope this tutorial can help users who need.

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