How does the Windows XP system set the power-on password?

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How does the Windows XP system set the power-on password?

In fact, whether it is Windows XP or Windows 7 system to set the power-on password is quite simple one thing, the principle and the steps are almost the same, the following will be described in detail.

First, in the computer desktop, click "Start"--"settings"--"control Panel"-"User account" page, as shown in the figure:

Control Panel enters user account

Second, in the user account to find the computing administrator (the Administrator), click on the Computer Manager (Admin) icon to enter the administrator password to create, as shown:

Computer administrator

Third, choose to create a password can start to set the password for the computer, because the computer every boot is calculated by the Administrators (Administrator) the default boot, so set the password every time you need to enter the password, click "Create password" can enter the password set. As shown in figure:

Create a password

Enter the password you want in the input of a new password, the following one again enter the password confirmation. The last one we can also set a hint for our password to prevent our own password can not enter the computer on the trouble, so generally still suggest that you enter a password hint in the password prompts better, of course, can not write. After filling in the above password data, click Create Password to complete the power-on password set. As shown in figure:

Complete password settings

How does the Windows 7 system set the power-on password?

Windows 7 System is currently the mainstream system, the current installed system, Windows 7 system has become almost the default installed system, so the current novice friends, Windows 7 System is the most contact. However, as long as you are familiar with the Windows XP system power-on password settings, Windows 7 is simple, because both operations are similar, the following will be described in detail.

First, still from the desktop from the bottom left corner click on the "WINDOWS" button, and then select the above "Control Panel" option, as shown:

Open Control Panel

Second, as shown above, the next pop-up Control panel interface, then we choose the upper right corner of the "User account and Home security" option, then you can enter the user account settings, such as figure.

Windows7 User account Settings

Third, as shown above the user account Setup interface, after, in the user account we choose the "Change Windows password" option.

Change Windows password

Four, after choosing the "Change Windows password" option we have entered the key step, in the "Change user account" page, we select the "Create password for your account" option, click on it, as shown.

Select "Create a password for your account"

Five, as above, finally we need to fill in the corresponding box filled in the need to set the power-on password and the power-on password prompt information, and finally do not forget to click the bottom of the "Create password" to complete the power-on password settings.

Create a password

Finally, we restart the computer will be required to enter the password prompts, enter the password we set to enter, the General people do not know the password will naturally go into the. Introduced here to believe that you have a clear understanding of how to set the power-on password, if your computer needs to set the power-on password, you can now try to easily complete the power-on password settings.

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