How does the WINDOWS8 system set up Safe mode?

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Many friends know that by pressing the F8 key when Windows system starts, you can choose Safe Mode to enter the Windows system in the System startup option. Now many friends have already upgraded their system to Windows 8, you will find that because the WIN8 system uses a "mixed boot" (Hybrid boot), greatly improve the system startup speed, It is difficult to press the F8 key in the hundreds of millisecond time gap to enter the advanced boot function list to start the WIN8 system in Safe mode. So how do we get into the security model of the WIN8 system? Here we introduce two methods, we can choose according to their own needs.

Method One, from the WIN8 system "Computer Settings-advanced boot" into Safe mode

Move the finger from the right side of the screen to the middle or press "win+i" to open Win8 's Super button (charm) and click "Change Computer Settings".

Icon: Open Win8 's Super button (charm bar), select "Change computer Settings"

Enter the Win8 "Computer Settings" interface, click "General" in the list of options on the left, and then find "Advanced startup" on the right and press "reboot now". The WIN8 system then enters the advanced boot state.

Diagram: General-Advanced startup

WIN8 system machine will automatically enter the System selection list, we continue, troubleshoot, turn off the computer three options to choose "Troubleshooting." After you enter the troubleshooting selection interface, select advanced Options.


Diagram: Troubleshooting-Advanced options

In the advanced options, we can see the System Restore, System image recovery, automatic repair, command prompt, startup settings, and so on, where we select "Startup settings."

Diagram: Startup settings

Entering the WIN8 system's "Startup settings", we can see the specific description, which includes "Enable security mode". Click on the "Restart" button.

Diagram: Reboot WIN8 system

Wait a moment, we finally enter the "Launch Settings" interface, this is similar to the starting interface we saw in the previous press F8, where we can see enabling testing, enabling low resolution video, enabling Safe mode, enabling Safe Mode with network connections, and so on, so you can press the number key 4 or 5 according to your needs, Win8 system can enter the corresponding security mode.


Icon: Enter the Win8 startup settings, press the number key to choose to enter Safe mode

WIN8 system into Safe mode will directly jump to the traditional desktop, the four corners of the desktop will display "Safe mode" words, and give a safe mode of help and support information, while the Win8 of the Super button bar also reduced to three function icons.


Icon: Enter Win8 Safe mode

In the WIN8 system security mode, we can according to their own needs to do some system operation, solve the problem and then restart the system.

If the steps described above are cumbersome, let's look at how to get into Win8 Safe Mode by setting boot options in System configuration. Please click on the "Next page".

Setting boot options into Win8 security mode in System configuration

The finger moves from the right side of the screen to the middle, select "Search" in the Super button bar, or press the shortcut key "Win+f" directly, enter "msconfig" or "System Configuration" in the search box, in the application category we can see the search result "System Configuration", click to run.

Alternatively, you can press "Win+r" on the traditional desktop, enter "Msconfig" in the Run window, and then return.

Icon: Search System Configuration

Icon: Enter "Msconfig" in the Win8 "Run" window

Enter the system configuration interface of the WIN8 system, then select the Boot tab and check the "Security boot" so that we can go directly to Safe mode the next time the system is restarted.

Options such as "Min", "Other Shell" and "network" are also provided under the security boot, which are specific modes of safe mode. Where "minimal" is a standard safe mode, "network" is a safe mode to allow network connectivity, while "other Shell" is a safe mode with a command prompt. In general, we choose the "minimum" or "network" mode.

Icon: Select "Safe Boot"

After the setup is complete, reboot the system and the WIN8 will start in safe mode directly.

Note: If you want to reboot into normal Windows 8 after using Safe mode, remember to perform the steps in Safe mode and cancel the "Safe boot" check in the system configuration so that you can enter the Win8 normal mode the next time you start the system, otherwise you will still enter Safe mode.

Safe mode is a very important startup mode and function in Windows systems, and we can view and resolve problems by entering safe mode when there are problems with the system or when a virus is encountered. Above we have introduced how to enter the Safe mode in the Win8 two methods, we can choose when need.

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