How does the WPS table set up settings to open or modify the password?

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When you pass the WPS table, you can set the password to open or modify it to ensure the security of data delivery. So how does the WPS table set up settings to open or modify the password? Here is a brief introduction, a look at it!

Tools/raw Materials

WPS Office Personal Edition


1, open the WPS Table Editing table, click the Quick Access Toolbar, "Save" button;

2, or from the WPS Table button "file-> Save as" button;

3, open the "Save as" dialog box, click the "Encryption" button;

4, pop-up Encryption dialog box, and then according to the prompts to set open password and edit password, enter the password and click "OK", that is, encryption success;

5, at the same time you can also use advanced mode to choose Encryption mode;

6, click "Advanced" into the encryption advanced mode to choose different encryption methods, and "OK";

7, WPS form encryption method set end;

Supernumerary words: can also be encrypted first in the Save table: Step two directly select "File Encryption", and then edit the form after the completion, save.

The above is the WPS table how to set the settings to open or modify the password method introduction, I hope to help you!

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