How does Win10 accurately customize colors? How does win10 accurately customize colors?

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How does Win10 accurately customize colors? How does win10 accurately customize colors?

In Windows 10, we can customize the main color of the interface based on our preferences. After the color is set, when the corresponding switch is turned on, the title bar of the window will display the color we specified. So, if we already have our favorite color values, how can we accurately customize our favorite color in Win10, instead of just a few clicks in the color palette?

First, right-click the desktop and select "personalization" from the pop-up menu ".

Then, in the settings window that opens, click "color" on the left ".

Then, click "custom color" under the color column ".

Click More next to the custom theme color column ".

More color options will be displayed. If you have prepared your favorite color values, you can modify the current color in two ways:

1) Fill in the color component value in the red, green, and blue color component editing boxes on the left (here the 10-digit color value is used)

2) In the color value edit box on the right, enter the color value in the format of # RRGGBB (here the hexadecimal color value is used ).

Note that the effects of these two methods are the same.

After the color value is modified, click "completed" at the bottom to view the modified effect immediately.


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