How does Win8 network relate to Sina Weibo?

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As early as 9th this month, it was found in Microsoft accounts, Sina Weibo has been a low-key appearance. But on 10th, there was still feedback that it could not link properly. Today, two days later, a link to Sina Weibo was tested and found to be a good link. Sina Weibo to join, more in line with the actual situation in mainland China, enrich the content and value of the network application, can be in the network application to see the latest dynamic friends.

As early as 9th this month, it was found that the Microsoft account can be linked to the microblog account:

But on 10th there was still feedback that the connection failed:

When you try again today, you find that Microsoft accounts can be linked to Twitter as normal.

Call out the Super button in the network application-set-account-add account, select "Weibo", follow the prompts to enter the account password of the microblog to complete the link.

After the addition is complete, you will need some time to change the settings.

But immediately can be in the network application to see the microblogging attention of friends, while in the upper right-hand corner of the icon more than Sina Weibo logo.

In addition, in the linked Microsoft account, you receive a message that the link was successful.

You can make simple settings for the linked permissions in the message, or you can delete the associated account here.

The Settings page can also be managed in the "online management of this account".

It can be said that in the direct sign of the network, the addition of social networks mainly for Facebook and Twitter, for some policy reasons, the application in China seems to be a lot of chicken.

At this point, the Sina Weibo to add to the network application, you can more easily see the dynamic of friends, you can see that Microsoft's focus on China's market.

There are often friends complaining that the Windows 8 App Store is not good enough, but that other platforms have been online for many years and have accumulated a lot of good apps. But the App Store in Windows 8 has only been launched for less than a year, so there's still room for growth. With the increase in Windows 8 market share and the continued participation of more developers, it is believed that the Windows 8 App Store will also be a bright one!

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