How does Win8 use its own geolocation geo-positioning function?

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How does Win8 use its own geolocation geo-positioning function? Now many mobile phone applications have geographical positioning function, can accurately locate, search destinations. In fact, in the WIN8 system also has a geographical positioning function, called geolocation. I believe a lot of people do not know this function, more do not know how to use geolocation geolocation function? With this series of questions, the following small series share the method of Win8 using the geolocation geolocation function.

Operation Steps:

1, use the combination hotkey "win+x" to pull out the shortcut menu, click and open the Control Panel;

2, in the Control Panel, the view is changed to "Large icon" select "Positioning Settings" and open;

3, in the Change location settings, check "Enable Windows location platform";

4, WIN8, such as the use of positioning functions (such as Maps, weather, etc.), there will be corresponding prompts, such as: Maps, in the Windows 8 Metro interface can see the Maps icon.

It tells you Win8 how to use the geolocation geo-positioning function, it should be noted that the positioning does not provide orientation, height, speed, address and other data, mainly based on IP address status.

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